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David and Layce: Venezia Restaurant-Boston, MA

Layce knew that the Mcgregor/Mayweather fight was tonight so she planned the day around it…. That’s how I knew that she was a keeper

— David the groom

As a child I spent many days in the car with my family on route to Boston to visit my maternal grandmother. The two hour drive seemed like an eternity, but I remember getting excited to see the Sealtest factory because it meant that we were close.

Now here I was years later driving the car myself remembering the car games,  the rest stop right after the I-90 merge, and how my sister would fall asleep within minutes of the car moving. Though the destination was different the theme remained: family. You could see family throughout the whole day. Whether it was the small porcelain plaque that Layce wore around her wrist to remember a lost loved one, the speeches by the best  woman or maid of honor, or the way everyone laughed like you only do with family members. You could see the special bond Layce and David had with their guests.

They started the day with a quaint ceremony in a family friend’s rose garden, and even though we were in the heart of the city not one person honked their horn. Next stop was the beautiful Venezia Restaurant right on the harbor of Boston. Though it was a big ballroom it still felt homey and comfortable thanks to their 150 fabulous guests. I was able to get some really nice portraits thanks to the stunning staircase and the fantastic Boston skyline. Last they ended the day with a chill and relaxed after party at the Ashmont Grill, a trendy spot in the center of Dorchester.

Layce and David were the cutest couple without even trying to be. They made being lifestyle photojournalist easy. I caught them in the sweetest moments. They truely had a friendship that will make their marriage as great as their day.

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