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Ashley and Kevin I have known Ashley since she was about nine, so I have basically watched her grow up. When she asked me to shoot her wedding I was truly honored. I always treat clients as if they were family, but this time it is in a way. Fun fact: My sister is actually […]

Meet Will and Tonia Before getting into the Saville Dam engagement session I have to say, growing up in the 90s was the best. First, we had Saturday morning cartoons like Muppet Babies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Next, we played the original Mario Kart on Super Nintendo. Most important, we had some amazing sports […]

Meet Jake and Jocelyn In the wedding photography industry, January and February are known as booking season. My inbox is constantly flooded with a ton of inquiries. Some are what we like to call “tire kickers”, but not Jocelyn. I knew from our first phone call that we would be a good fit. Not only […]

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