I remember meeting Eddie and Tracy at Cheshire Coffee about a year ago…. They were quiet and laid back… They told me that they like most couples tell me that they were awkward picture takers… To which I said challenge accepted… As you can see by the picture above that with some simple posing and […]


October 31, 2018

Eddie and Tracy : La Bella Vista- Waterbury, CT

I love long car rides…. I get to blast my music, sing my favorite songs, and see things I have never seen before. This New Hampshire wedding was at the perfect fall location, with the mountains, foliage, and green grass with is now brown probably. The Curtis Family Outdoor Event venue is run by a […]


December 6, 2017

Farm Wedding

“I promise, other than today, to let you watch every Patriots game in peace”” — Kristen If you read my last blog post you know that I love football.. and If you have you read my “about me” page I am an educator of 15 years. Keith and Kristen were a combination of those two. […]


November 29, 2017

Mystic Wedding

I love many things, but at the top of the list are family, food, and football. Though this year has been rough as a Giants fan (and I type that with sadness in my heart), you will find me every Sunday planted in the same corner of the couch from 1-11. When I walked into […]


November 15, 2017

How To Throw a Classy Football Wedding

Picture this:  Blue skies, warm air (70 degree air to be exact), and not a raindrop on the horizon… THAT WAS MONDAY…. The Saturday in which their wedding took place was cloudy, rainy, and cold (45 degrees to be exact), but that didn’t stop them from having the day they would never forget. The whole […]


November 8, 2017

Matt and Katie : Mount Snow- Dover VT

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