This is the second styled shoot I have been a part of. This is also the second wedding involved shoot that involved a church. The Atrium of Tenafly looks like most early century northeast churches. Pews, candles, carpeted altar, and of course stained glass windows. The stained glass window reflected in beautiful ways on the […]


March 7, 2018

Classic Wedding Inspired Styled Shoot: Atrium at Tenafly- Tenafly, New Jersey

I love that I have a job that lets me incorporate some of my favorite things to work. This time I got to photograph (one of the favorite things) in my favorite city in the world: NYC… I fell in love with NYC when I was 17, and have cherished it since.   Though Manhattan is […]


January 4, 2018

Spread Love It’s the Brooklyn Way: Deity- Brooklyn, New York

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