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Brandon and Marissa – Harbor Park/Downtown Middletown CT

I remember while I was on a shoot with someone I received a text from Marissa going over details for the date of this one, and since I never read texts in front of clients I made a mental note to open it as soon as I was done. Later I got in the car opened the text and saw the question… “Can we bring our dogs?” I thought about it for about five minutes and replied “sure no prob” because that is my reply for all shoots… I am willing to try most things. As long as it’s legal and safe for all involved. I have taken hundreds of pics of toddlers (without a good nap) so adding dogs into the mix couldn’t have been that hard.  Luckily, I was blessed enough to have Marissa’s mom Janice come along and help take care of the dogs while we were doing the shots with just the two of them..  

So this shoot was a first for me (never shooting a formal session with two dogs), and for the dogs who had never been to the city….

The day started with downpour and something kept telling me not to cancel. I knew that if we delayed it til the evening it would workout and it did… It was perfect photographer weather: clouds with a dash of sun… Even lighting by the water is hard to come by so I was so excited..  We stayed at Harbor park for about 2o minutes, because let’s face it how many walking up and down the dock shots can one take… 

Marissa asked if she should change … I thought since we were heading into the downtown area that the change would look nice. I also had Brandon keep his suit jacket off to have his look be more casual, and because its summer in New England need I say more. 

The Downtown pictures are my fave. I am a city girl through and through… I love people watching, buildings with character, and options for photo backgrounds… When I am shooting in a city I do what is called circle the block… We walk about half a mile one way and and then cross the street and walk back to where we started… While walking, I look for fun doors, gates, and spots that will be a great place to get he best pictures… The favorite spots we found were a walkway to a closing business (thank God that guy let us stay before he locked the gate), a gorgeous fire station, and lutheran church with a beautiful red door.

I know I say this in every blog but I truly love how these came out…. And now time for the pictures…

Harbor Park

Downtown Middletown Connecticut

Thank you Brandon, Marissa, and Janice for a great shoot…..

Til Next time Raina

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