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7 Reasons You Need a Second Shooter

I can do many things. I can grill a mean cheeseburger. I can sing the high note from Mariah Carey’s Emotions. I can multi task on another level… but one thing I can not do is reproduce myself… This is a reason I suggested a second shooter to all of my couples and why all of my full day weddings include one. I actually have several reasons and here they are…..

  1. I Am Not Omnipresent

    I wish I could be at the beach and the DMV at the same time, but I cant… The same is for wedding days….. I wish I could be in two different places at once but I cant… The second shooter is able to go where I am not… They can be at groom’s getting ready spot across town while I am with the bride….I cant get guests enjoying the cocktail hour while I take couple pictures.. (unless they do a first look)

  2. I May Have Glasses But I Only have Two Eyes

    One of the biggest requests couples have is the aisle reaction and it is hard to get both at the same time by myself… When there is a second shooter one can focus on the groom while one can get the bride…

  3. Let’s Get Candids

    I love candid shots because they tell the real story of the day… This is why I love second shooting myself because I can capture those moments while the lead shooter worries about getting the infant to look at the camera during the family formals. The second shooter can get the mother of the brides reaction while she dances with her Dad… Or the guest laughing at the well crafted best man toast.

  4. Divide and Conquer

    Want to get to cocktail hour sooner… Having a second shooter can help split up group shots or even do them before the ceremony to get couples more time to party.

  5. Different Angles

    The best way to get variety in your pictures is to have two people take them differently. One cane take a wide shot while one gets an intimate close up shot… One can get the safe shot while one can take the artistic one.

  6. Stuff Happens

    I have never not shown up to a wedding but I do know that nothing is certain…. Having a second shooter is a built in back in case something horrible happens to me. Also when dealing with electronics like cameras, lighting,and memory cards it is good to have a second set of gear and photos to make sure you get the most out of your photography.

  7. Get the Deets

    Aftr spending hours and millions on Etsy it would be a shame if you didnt get pictures of them…. A second shooter is able to get those things while the lead is getting pictures of people…

Over the summer I second shot for a New Orleans photographer who was from CT at Saltwater Vineyard… I got these shots for her while she focused on the must have shots… If you would like to see what they look like together you can follow the link below my images….

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If you would like to see our images together click below




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