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Holiday Session with G and E of GEM – Elizabeth Park, West Hartford, CT

It’s that time of year again. The session that started it all is back… Though I have been taking pictures for years it was not until 2 years ago I took my new fancy camera, went into my backyard with my nieces, and took some pictures that would begin my career in professional photography.. This shoot has become a tradition at GEM so using the two kids that inspired the first two letters was only fitting. 

This year one of my goals was to shoot in places I always wanted to, and Elizabeth Park was at the top of my list. As a natural light a photographer shooting outside is my dream office. With it being a public park there were obstacles, but I love how these came out.

This shoot is never easy.Though the girls are my family and all time favorite kids, they never make it easy. Let’s face it they are still kids. I hear from moms ALL THE TIME those girls LOOK like they are so much more behaved than my children, and my pictures never will come out like that… I laugh on the inside every time, because they give me a hard time. Whether one is smiling perfect and the other has a finger in her nose. But they have taught me how to photograph children by being fast, flexible, and funny. So if you have reservations about your kids DON’T. No kid is perfect and shine in their own special way. 

My favorite thing about this shoot is I see growth. 1. In my photography 2. The girls… It is amazing to see how far I have come.. Hope you enjoy this year’s session.. And now time for the pictures.

Grace 2014-2016

Elsie 2014-2016

                                                                G and E 2014-2016

This years best


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