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Dont Trust the Cloud: The Importance of Prints

How many have you been on Facebook and read this status.. “HELP I lost all of my photos in the cloud”. How bout this one “I dropped my phone in the toilet and now everything is GONE FOR-EV-ER” 

It’s the worst feeling… You cant ever get those pictures back. Unless you work for government security and can find everything on the web. That picture of the first steps, your wedding, and that random lunch you ate at Red Robin last week are no more. 

This is why prints are so important, and why I include them in everything I do as a photographer. Every portrait session includes them. Not to make the session more expensive but because I want something physical to help preserve those captured moments.

Like I said in my last post the first thing I look at in a home are the pictures on the wall. I grew up in the Stone Age, where the only pictures people  owned were found in frames, albums, or shoved in a shoebox in the closet. 

I get it …. We live in the world of social media and we can share pics in two seconds.. Which is why I offer digitals, but include prints. I have found that I do a better job at keeping printed photos safer than the ones in my phone. Also I don’t have to delete a photo to bring a new one in…

If you walk in my house you will see photos in every room … because it helps me feel connected to those I love… It sparks memories of what was going on at the time… They remind me how the beautiful the journey of life is.

Where should I print????

Another reason I provide some prints is because I get access to professional labs. Target, Walmart, and Amazon codes do not provide professional printing… That is not how they make most of their money so they dont put the care into your photos a pro will. If you are coming to me it is because you want professional looking photos. When you go to those places you are not getting quality pictures… Its like me buying a BMW and bringing it to the local technical high school to fix it instead of the dealership that specializes in this expensive car… I get in 10 cents a 3×5 is a lot better than 2 dollars an image when it comes to your wallet… But if your are spending $300 (the starting  price for all of your digitals)  to go somewhere cheaper… Are you really saving money?????

For example:

One Full Res image is 15 dollars ,which is the size you need to print. Then you go to Target for an 8×10 for 3.18… you are spending 18 per image… While if you get it through me it is less and better quality…Also you have to spend money on gas  if you do it yourself …. Im saving you gas money 😉

My hope for all of my clients is that I never get that call with a frantic “I lost all of my digitals in the cloud” or “A virus ate my images..” One because I only store images for six months for portraits and 1 year for a wedding. They may be gone. Or two you will have to purchase them all over again. 

So get those images printed, use a pro to do it because it ultimately saves money, and don’t trust the cloud…

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