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How to Save Yourself 1 Million Dollars

There are three things I do every day… Read my bible, drink coffee, and use Google. Last week I was looking up something for what I actually planned for this weeks blog, when I came upon an article. “Photographer Wins One Million Dollars in Defamation Case”  

And this is not the only case where a photographer won a similar case like this. These couples went to the internet posted through emotion and let it rip.  

Now as a photographer I totally know how devastating this can be. One bad review can set your business of three years back to your point and shoot days…  As a caring person I would hate to bring a client (who I think of as a family member) to court. 

Now I get it … people spend a lot of money on photography… You want what you pay for and nothing drives emotional responses more than unmet expectations.

I want to save people from this ever happening …Not just with me but any creative service.

I have noticed a pattern with all of these cases (which the service provider has won every time)…. So read this list and do the opposite

1. They did not understand or thoroughly read the contract

One thing I do at EVERY Meet and Greet is go over the contract with every potential client…and give a physical one once it it is signed. That way you know what to expect before the session, during the session, and after the session… I do this to make sure I and the client are covered.

2. They go to the internet first and the service provider second

3. Acted out of emotion

As a woman I totally get this, but if you seen the Pixar movie Inside Out acting out of anger usually does not end well.

4. Once you put the bad review attacking the service provider, and not the service on the internet, there is no going back… 

Now the couple above was  looking to get exposure and for a while they got exactly what they wanted… But now I am sure they regret that decision. They basically made this case a slam dunk. They now have to deal with embarassment of being jerks (well deserved if you ask me). They also have quite a big sum to pay… Image if they had paid the $125 album cover fee instead having an internet tantrum…

If you need to leave a negative review here is what you can do

  1. State the service that was the problem not attack the person by name 
  2. Go to the service provider first 
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  5. Word of mouth is just as effective as the internet without bringing a future lawsuit upon yourself

I pray I never be put in this situation with a future client, and I hope you never have to be sued over pictures…

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