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What Is a Get To Know You Session?

One of the things that mean most to me in my business is forming a connection with those I photograph… I also love displaying the connection that people have.. I also want to make sure that couples see how I flow as a photographer because the last thing I want for your wedding day is to worry about how to pose for a picture …. That is why they are complimentary… This session allows me to see how you are as a couple… I can see what helps make you comfortable,,,,

So What Actually Happens???

1. We determine a location.- I like places that give a contrast .. So for example Middletown has a harbor next to the downtown area…. West Hartford has Elizabeth Park  right down the street from West Hartford Center, which is packed with trendy restaurants and shops…

 We can also pick a place that is meaningful to you as a couple …. Places like where you had your first date, where he put a ring on it… Your favorite place for date night… Or a place that can show a shared interest or activity

2. Inspiration Images– This is where I send you images what types of clothes you should wear. What colors work best for the setting… Even though you get a clothing guide in your Welcome to the Family Package, at contract signing, this can be just as helpful. 

3. We shoot the session– This can range from 1-2hours depending on locations, weather, and what your fun section of the session involves… The session is two parts:

  • The Fun section … This displays who you are as a couple.. Whether it is football jerseys or casual date night clothes at a vineyard anything (legal) goes.
  • The Fancy section- This is usually done in a city or downtown area… This is where you can practice taking pictures in fancy clothes so you are ready for the big day…

4. You receive your gallery of images- I will send you your images via Pixiset. You will pick your three favorites and I will send the high-res files… If you are doing a 8 hour package and choose save the dates, or purchase the save the date service, I will send you three to four templates, you pick which one you like, and I will take care of the rest… They should arrive to you 1-2 weeks after ordered.


Get to Know You Session Example 

Fun- Gouveia Vineyard

Fancy- Downtown Wallingford

Til Next time 


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