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Creative Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos |GEM Photography| CT Wedding Photographer

You’re back from the beach, park. mountaintop, or some other location of amusement. You are sitting on the couch relaxing and are delighted by the notification from your photographer of a sneak peek. A couple of weeks later your online gallery is ready and the share button is your new best friend. Next stop Instagram or Facebook, but is that all.

Let’s Get Creative

There are typical ways for you to use your engagement photos: save the dates, wedding info website, photo-guestbook, matted photo for signing, and a new profile pic. I thought I would provide some new ways you could share or re-purpose your photos. I thought I would also offer some fun ideas from the GEM family (the ladies because the guys in my family are not creative in that way)

Raina’s Ideas

  1. Coasters – Coasters are great for your shower, Jack and Jill, reception, or even your engagement party. These are perfect for all of you who can’t stand the site of a water ring but love the sight of you and your beloved.g

  2. Luggage Tags– What better way to identify your luggage on your honeymoon than these personally designed tags.

Laurie’s (my mom) Idea

  1. Christmas Tree Ornament – My mom is the Christmas queen, so I am not surprised she offered this idea. This is holiday decoration is a sweet way to signify your first year of marriage.

Stephanie’s (my sister) Idea

  1. Coffee Mugs- My sister always says that “wait I need coffee first”. Her choice was definitely inspired by her love for caffeinated gold. What better way to do wedding planning with a mug in your hand decorated with your engagement photos.

April’s (my sister in law) Ideas

  1. A countdown calendar– This is perfect for couples who get their photos back a year before their wedding. Using your pictures for a calendar will allow you to display 12 of your favorite photos.

  2. A phone case – Let’s just admit we live on our phones, this choice will be seen the most, which means will give you great use of your time

Now I asked my nieces if they had any ideas but since it didn’t involve Roblox or Pikmi Pops they had nothing to offer me this time. I hope you enjoyed these fun suggestions. I think it is important to print your photos. and I hope this post inspired you to do so …..

Engagement Photos at the Wedding

Here are some photos of how past couples have used their engagement photos.

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