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Gabby’s Senior Session: Fenn’s Farm- Middlebury, CT

Rain, Rain, Go Away Let the Sun Come Out and All the Children Say

— Family Business by Kanye West

This first time I met Gabby she was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding (she is my brother in law’s baby cousin on his mom’s side)…. Here is a picture I took with a point and shoot ten years ago… Clearly I wasn’t a pro at the time.. Be gentle 

Now around ten years later, I am putting together a blog for her senior pictures… Not only does time fly… It seems to be on a jet plane… 

Since that picture was taken I have spent Christmas with my brother in law’s mother’ side… Even though we are connected through marriage I consider them my family too. I will never forget when my Facebook Messenger dinged, and it is was Gabby telling me she wanted me to do her senior pictures. She already had a location in mind too. A girl after my own heart. She always loved the old yellow farm she drove past as a kid. We had to plan around that fall New England rain quite a few times, but eventually the session happened … It was a misty day, but I feel the light mist set a beautiful tone for the shoot. Gabby was such a trooper with our impromptu trip to Starbucks and Rite Aid (long story), or smiling through the chilly weather. I love the variety the location she chose offered: A yellow barn, hills with stunning foliage in the background, a quiet country road , a picket fence, and a tree with red leaves that framed her face perfectly. 

Now that I have taken Gabby’s senior pics … I guess that means her wedding pictures would be next… But let’s wait another ten years for that too… 

Love ya Gab’s see you at Christmas in two weeks 


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