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Luanna and Martin- Testa’s: Southington, CT

Random Fact: I love coffee… I may be sipping a cup as I type this blog…. I can go a day without wearing makeup, putting on a cute outfit, or watching TV but I haven’t missed a cup in my whole adult life (some may call that addiction… they would be right).

I remember asking Martin about how he met his soon to be forever, and he said “She worked at the Dunkin Donuts, down the street from me, and I had to ask her out”…. How amazing is it that they started at a cup of coffee. 

Their wedding day was graced with the occasional shower, but they were prepared with matching umbrellas for the bridal party. Though they only needed them for a short period of time they did come in handy. Their first look was on a walking trail next to Rodger’s Orchard in Southington, CT, that had a lovely backdrop of the New England foliage that stayed around for their November wedding. We then moved to the orchard for some bridal portraits. Next stop my friends house. I have a friend who lived a stone’s throw away from the orchard and I called her and asked if I could use the backyard which had the tall grass the bride was looking for. We then finished the portrait session on the famous Southington Rails to Trails.

The ceremony and reception were held at Testa’s in downtown Plantsville. The bride walked into Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, which I can sing backwards now thanks to wedding season. The ceremony was simple and the reception was relaxed… I had a such nice time with this couple and it was the perfect way to end my wedding season….


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