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Eternals Review (Spoilers): Plus My Top 5 MCU Movies

eternals review
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Discaliamer: Before I get into my Eternals review please be warned that like mentioned in the title there are spoilers. These opinions are my own and I am not being paid in anyway to share these thoughts.

The Eternals Review

Ok so I know this is a blog that usually features other people, photography, and if there is a review it’s about camera gear. But it’s my blog so I can type what I want. I also have bonded with many of my couples over our love for movies, especially the MCU. I love movies and since this is called a blog and not a photography advertisement(well not today)I figure I could share here.

In this review, I am going to share what I love, what I hated, my overall thoughts of the movie, followed by my top 5 MCU movies of all time…

What I Loved

  1. The diversity- I do love how inclusive this movie is, and despight what some people feel it really isnt forced. It represents the world we live in.
  2. It allows you to escape- This is not a realistic movie at all… Yes there are human elements but it has enough CGI to remind you this is a movie.
  3. The acting-I mean with this cast how could it not be good
  4. Makkari- Makkari is played by Lauren Ridloff a deaf actress who stole the movie for me. Her speed is beautifully shown in the movie. And her fight at the end with Ikiris (yeah he is bad) at the end was my favorite part of the whole movie.
  5. Karun- He is a side character but he trully was a shining part of the movie…
  6. The cinematography- this movie may be the most beautifully shot MCU movie … Shang Chi is a very close second… I saw the movie in IMAX so i think that helped in the process

What I Didn’t Like

  1. The Mid-Credit scene- Ok I know that I am in the minority on this one… So many girls started screaming in my theater because it was Harry Styles but I had no idea who is character was because I am not a comic fan. I just spent two and a half hours learning who so many new people were that the fact they introduced two more was annoying. I did like the end credit scene though.
  2. Killing Gilgamesh- Now people dying in MCU movies is expected, but the fact that there was no development for this character for me to be sad by his death. I think if it were at the end I would have been more affected.

Overall Thoughts

If I had to give it a star rating I would give it 3 out of five… Is it the worst no not at all (Thor Dark World and Incredible Hulk haven’t been bumped from those spots) I liked it more than Captain Marvel, sorry but Bri Larson looks like she paid Kevin Feige to be in that movie. Is it in my top 5? Nope, I don’t think it’s even in my top ten. Would I watch it again? Sure on Disney +. I think it’s like how I felt about Age of Ultron. It is ok and I appreciate it more now after seeing Wandavision. So when more movies and Disney + series come out I will like this more.

Bonus: My Top 5 MCU Movies

These are in no way in a specific order because I love them all equally… I am not including Endgame and Infinity Wars because they are so goood that I have them in a separate ranking. I do like Infinity Wars more than Endgame though.

  1. Black Panther – This was actually the first MCU I saw in the theaters. Since this was a first for a lot of people, I still remember people yelling at others in the theater when the credits rolled, because mid credit and end credit scenes are a part of the experience. and you need to stay seated. This is one of the best moies not just because it was the first black super hero movie (cause its not) It was the first well done family friendly (kinda) black super hero movie.
  2. Captain America and the Winter Soldier– This movie is where I and a lot of others believe MCU turned a point… The action, the story, and the characters are amazing.
  3. Thor Ragnorock– It is different from the others it has humor and a great story.. I love how it fits so well but it is so different from other MCU. HOw can you not love Matt Damon playing Loki in the play.
  4. Ant Man – I am not shy with my love for Paul Rudd. I know this may not be in others top 5,but this is my blog post. I dont just love it because of Mr Rudd, it is one I watch I watch over and over again.
  5. Capain America: Civil War– I always forget that this isnt an Avengers movie but a Captain America moive because it is basically an Avengers movie. Yes it is another Captian American movie but you meet Black Panther and Tom Holland’s Spiderman. You start to see the romance of Wanda and Vision. It also has some of my favorite fight scenes.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Shang Chi
  2. Antman and Wasp
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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