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4 Reasons You Should Add a Second Photographer On Your Wedding Day

Taken While Second Shooting For Rowanberry and Lavender

One of the biggest questions I get is “Do I really need a second photographer?”. My answer is never yes or no. I usually respond with the benefits of having one. There are times when a second shooter really isn’t necessary and I have shot weddings solo many times, but there is definitely a benefit to having two photographers on your wedding day.

There are many reasons a second photographer is beneficial but I thought I would share my four biggest reasons. Now before I share I feel I need to have a slight disclaimer… Even with two people moments can be missed so if you are looking for every second to be captured you might want to temper your expectations.. You are dealing with two humans who may miss a sneeze. With that being said here are my top reasons.

1. Two Places at Once

One of my favorite scenes takes place during the sappy Rom-Com A Walk To Remember. Jamie, a teenager dying of cancer, is taken by Landon to a spot on the highway and has her stand on the side of the road so she can be in two places at once. When you add a second photographer, you get to have wedding photos in two places at once without the Mandy Moore old-school pop hit.

When you add a second shooter you can have one shooter with you and the other with your partner. If getting ready photos are important to you and the story of your day, it helps to have the second photographer capture what is happening. Couples often get ready in separate locations, and having that second photographer makes it easier.

Photo taken by a second photographer of a groom getting ready
Taken while second shooting for Rowan and Lavender

2. The Second Photogrpaher Angle

When you have a second photographer you are able to have different angles of your day. You can see what it looked like what you reached the aisle, while the other shooter sees the response. You can see the vows from one and the response from the other. You can have a toast being given as well as responses from the guests. It gives a fuller look of the day.

You also get different angles for your formal portraits. You can get a close-up and a wide shot at the same time.

3. More Candids

I love candid photos they really give the heart of the story. You can see what the day really was like. Having a second photographer allows you to get candid photos of your family while doing family photos. This is also true for the bridal party portion of the day… This is usually easiest to accomplish when you do a first look and do these photos before the ceremony…

If you would like to see why a first look is beneficial to your wedding day check out last week’s post here. If you don’t do the first look you can use the second shooter for my last key benefit.

4. Cocktail Hour Coverage

One of the biggest reasons couples book a second shooter is because they want to see what their cocktail hour was like. Even when couples do a first look they often spend some time alone while cocktail hour takes place. This allows you to see how much the guests enjoyed the apps you paid for. It also allows someone to be freed up to take detail photos. See your room before people sit down. See your cake before it is cut into.

I hope you found this blog helpful and gave you reasons consider having a second photographer for your big day. If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me at

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