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My Top 3 Wedding Photographer Outfits

Raina of GEM Photography wearing one of her wedding photographer outfits

After shooting weddings as long as I have you learn what you like to shoot, and most importantly what are appropriate wedding photographer outfits. There are the no brainers like no jeans or flannels, but when you roll around on the ground or hide in bushes a summer dress won’t do.

This week’s blog is about what I like to wear to a wedding… So if I show up to an engagement session wear black jeans that don’t come for me.

My Top 3 Wedding Photographer Outfits

1. Black Pants and a Black Top

I know this is the standard wedding photographer outfit, but it is easy. When I know I am going to be outside in dirt black does the job. I love the black pants from Costco. They are so comfy and dressy at the same time. I also like the black dress pants from H&M.

2. A Jumper

I love a good romper, especially for more formal weddings. Most of my jumpers come from my Stitchfix subscription. I do have a couple that I love from Old Navy. The only thing about jumpers is the bathroom situation (IYKYK).

Old Navy


3. Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses are what I wear more in the colder months because the summer ones tend to be a little more casual. I love a good maxi dress to help keep my body cozy while looking as professional as possible. I would rock this maxi dress from Target with a blazer at my next fall wedding.

Bonus: Wedding Photographer Outfits Accessories

1. A Headband

I often channel my inner Blair Waldorf and rock a headband with each outfit. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry to weddings, so a headband is my piece of flare. I just bought this one at H&M and I know it will be found on my head a lot this wedding season.

2. Comfy Flats

Yes, I used the word comfy again. It really is a priority when I am on my feet for 6 plus hours. My feet are used more than my camera so I need to be kind to them. Now I know that Rothy’s are the choice for a lot of wedding photographers, but they did not like my feet. I love the knock-off ones from Sketchers for shorter wedding days and these Crocs flats for longer ones.

3. A Classic Blazer

I think the best way to fancy up a wedding photographer outfit (for men or women) is a classic blazer. If you are going to wear one on a hot day make sure the outfit is still nice if you have to take it off.

J Crew


If you are a wedding photographer, what are your favorite wedding photographer outfits?

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