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Chic Union League Cafe Wedding | New Haven, CT | Jill and Reed | Summer 2022

A couple at the Yale campus for their Union League Cafe wedding

Jill and Reed’s Union League Cafe wedding in New Haven was probably one of the most fun times I have had at a wedding. When I say Jill is one of the most chill brides I have ever met I am not lying. The day started with a vendor getting in an accident with an ambulance, which would understandably cause some brides to spiral.. Nope, not her. She first asked if the vendor was ok (because she is a good human) and proceeded to get ready without breaking a sweat.

I love shooting in the Yale area, so when they booked I was so excited. Even with the constant construction and tricky parking. The iron gates and neutral-colored architecture are everything I need to inspire my photography brain. I love a good open field, but I feel I am most inspired in the city.

We started the day at the Blake Hotel which was a couple of blocks from the wedding festivities. The Blake Hotel is a swank hip hotel that suited the day perfectly. From the different colored dresses, a colored suit for the groom, and the relaxed styled suits for the guys it truly was a hip affair.

Since the hotel was close to the venue and the chapel where the ceremony was held, we walked to the chapel. The old chapel was classic looking with it’s huge stained glass window and no AC. Thankfully, members of the bridal party handed guests fans as they came in. I also ordered myself a personal fan that I gladly shared with the bride. The ceremony was perfectly them with their personal vows, Jill’s jokes, and Reed’s looks of admiration.

Following family photos in front of the chapel, we headed right across the street for the bridal party photos. I love this specific spot for photos the light is ideal no matter what time of day. The girls’ different colored dresses and the guys’ suits looked great against the lightly colored Yale stone buildings. After sending the bridal party to drink and eat, I took some pictures of the two of them as we headed back to the venue.

Once at the Union League Cafe, Jill and Reed were greeted with a loud cheer. Their first dance, as husband and wife were followed by four toasts that provided tears and laughs. In between courses, we headed across the street for sunset photos. This area provided Yale’s darker architecture that looked great with Reed’s maroon-colored suit. Even though we were in the city, there were a ton of trees for me to shoot through to give my well-known creeper-looking style of portraits. I am not really a creeper but I do love to shoot through a tree.

After dinner, Jill and her dad opened the dance floor with a sweet slow dance that transitioned to disco point moves. Jill and Reed’s family and friends danced like there was no tomorrow to classic 90s/2000s music. The day with them finished how it started, with smiles, laughter, and fun.

Union League Cafe Wedding Photos

Thank you to Jill, Reed, and their friends and family for making my job so easy on Saturday. I truly am always honored when I get to capture these special moments. Here is to more days of laughter and love to you both.

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Union League Cafe Wedding Vendors

Venue: Union League Cafe

Bridal Shop: Bliss Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Whitney Walker Beauty

Flowers: Fairy Meadow Flowers

DJ: Dj Christie

Jewelry: Kochut Jewelry

Groom’s Suit: Knot Standard

Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Azazie

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