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Stunning Saint Clements Summer Wedding | Chris and Erin | Summer 2022

Couple's portrait at their Saint Clements Summer Wedding

Chris and Erin’s Saint Clements summer wedding was one for the ages. From the getting ready with confetti bombs to dancing the night away with foam light sticks it was a evening I’ll never forget. I remember meeting them for their engagement session at Topsmead State Forest and couldn’t believe how nice they were. We had fun from the get go and I feel like I have made new friends. Honestly, I feel that with most of my couples.

I can’t tell you how nevous I was when I saw the 90 degree forcast for the day. I have almost passed out at two weddings this year (full on went black for .5 seconds), so I was praying that wouldn’t happen again. I think since it was later in the day and by the marina in Portland Connecticut I was fine. It was actually a perfect day weather wise.

I arrived to the hotel where Erin and her girls were getting ready. I was able to get some true bts photos as they were dolled up. I was able to capture Erin giving her mom Joyce a lovey print of her in her wedding dress and Joyce in her original MOB dress (all of us change our minds when it comes to clothing). Then we topped off the getting ready portion with confetti cannons, which thanks to my camera’s amazing auto-focous came out great.

I headed over to the venue and was able to capture the untouched reception details, including the memory table which highlighted props that fit the person remembered… Now as a diehard Yankees and NY Giants fan I didnt love the Eagles and Red Sox props, but I loved the sentiment ;).

Once the girls had arrived, Erin got into dress and we did a first look with her bridesmaids in the floral courtyard. Then I took photos of her with her girls to have more time for couple’s portraits during cocktail hour. Then followed up with the gentlemen once the girls were tucked away.

The ceremony, was right in front of the marina and the light was perfect. A lot of venues put the ceremony spot in not the best light, but Saint Clements Castle did a great job with this one. There was a lot of laughing, smiling, and fun reactions from the flower girls.

After taking photos of the full bridal party and all of the family photos, we headed to the deck for romatic portraits. It was timed perfectly that golden hour was starting right as we started. Saint Clements has so many photo options outside that I wanted to make the most of the thirty minutes we had. Having an engagement session definitly helped because I saw what “poses” worked for them and we could get right into it.

After portraits, we headed inside and headed in for the reception. The smile that never left Erin’s face was still there prominatly there as they danced their first dance as a married couple. The toast were done double duty, which I love. I just feel bad for guests when I hear stomachs growl loudly because they are listening to a biography.

After dinner, I ended the night with them caturing parent dancing photos and a couple of dancing with their guests. I cant tell you home much fun the day was. I find that I take better photos when the couple trusts me and just goes with the flow. With that said here are some of the photos.

Saint Clements Summer Wedding Photos

Black and white portrait of a bride and groom at their saint clements summer wedding

Thank You to the new Mr and Mrs Henry… It was truely an honor to capture this day for you… Excited to see what’s to come….

Til Next Time

Raina aka a “Blanking” Rockstar

Saint Clements Summer Wedding Vendors

Venue: Saint Clements Castle and Marina

Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Azazie

Bridal Salon: Lastrina Girls Bridal Salon

Men’s Attire: Rams

DJ: Powerstation

Florals: Bantom Blooms

Makeup: Beauty Marked Studio

Hair: Olivia of Larissa Lake and Co

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