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Cozy Norwalk Engagement Session | Chris and Emily | Winter 2022

Couple with their dog for their Norwalk engagement session

Chis and Emily’s Norwalk engagement session is going to make you want to grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and relax. In fact, Ill give you a moment to do so.

Welcome Back

This session took place right before the holidays. It was a beautiful day in December, which is hard to come by in New England… To give some perspective we ended the session at the beach and I didn’t shiver once.

We started the session right near the docks to show Norwalk in all its glory, and it was a great area to bring their dog Domino. Who I have to say maybe the cutest dogs on planet earth. I mean look at the photo above and not love that face.

This location was a perfect spot because it was public to dogs. It wasn’t the biggest location but thankfully there was no one else there it worked out really well. There was some construction going on, but I did my best to hide it… I think if I hadn’t brought it up you would have never known. I bring it up because if you are set on a location for your session don’t let that scare you because 9 times out of 10 I can make it work.

After dropping Domino off to his cozy blanket at home, we headed to downtown Norwalk to get some photos by the SOHO (south Norwalk) sign… I may or may not have had to dodge some cars, but it was worth it in the long run. I mean would it be a true Norwalk engagement session without it?

After the sign, we headed to the beach area, and since It was December it was like I had rented a set for a movie. (There was a rando in their truck but hey that’s neither here nor there) This spot is quintessential New England beach austenitic. There was even a lighthouse (not in the photos) in the distance. Even though we didn’t walk around much due to the declining sunlight I was able to get a variety of shots that were my faves of the day. This location was also where I got my signature hide-behind bush shots.

We ended the session, at their cute home because wanted to take her ring shots on the red fence because I loved how it matched their outfits. I love how these came out. Her ring fit so perfectly onto the peak of the fence post. Putting a cherry on top of a great session.

Norwalk Engagement Session Photos

I am so excited to shoot their wedding this spring. If this session is any clue it is going to be fun.. And we will also involve talking about our beloves Yankees.

Beach Location

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