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Fall Topsmead Forest Engagement Session | Janessa and Sam | Fall 2022

couple walking at their fall topsmead forest engagement session

Janessa and Sam’s fall Topsmead Forest engagement session was the perfect way to show off New England. The foliage was in it’s glory during this October session… Sam is from the south and had never experienced New England in the fall, so I thought Topsmead State Forest would be a perfect introduction. Janessa grew up here in Connecticut. In fact, we grew up pretty close to each other and I have known her family for decades.

I remember getting a text from her mom asking if I could do it and I quickly replied yes… Then we started the planning, where Janessa told me she wanted a classic fall in New England session. You know the kind. It is the session that has leaves of technicolor and is kissed by the golden hour. I knew just the place: Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield.

I have shot quite a few fall Topsmead Forest engagement sessions. I don’t think I haven’t shot a session there in the fall since I started shooting weddings. What I love about Topsmead is the variety you get without having to walk as much (I’m looking at you Harkness). If you are looking for a perfect fall location in Connecticut Topsmead is your place.

Since Topsmead is an ideal spot for a fall session there are usually quite a few sessions going on, but I worked my magic and made it look like Janessa and Sam had the forest all to themselves. Like most sessions, I started the furthest out because I wanted them to get as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. This can be hard to do in front of a bunch of people…

Next, we moved to the little cottage in the center of the forest because that in my opinion has the best light. That and the tall grass that I love to shoot in was cut out of existence. The front of the cottage had this door that is perfect for framing and the back has a cute porch for a homey feel.

Following the cottage, I took them to the field with fall leaves providing the perfect background. I timed it so they were there for the height of the golden hour. This is when the sun is slightly behind the trees but not completely set. The way the sun peaked through the orange and yellow leaves was truly magical.

Following the field, we headed to a tree that had perfectly arched branches. The photos that were taken at this tree are my personal favorite. The light was soft, which allowed the orange leaves and the couple to shine. The path next to it was perfect for walking shots that had more of the fantastic foliage in the background.

After this, we ended the session at the stonewall. This provided them with some romantic sitting shots under another colorful tree. I also did the typical engagement ring shot with some leaves to make it a true fall Topsmead Forest engagement session.

Fall Topsmead Forest Engagement Session Photos

My favorite photo of the day
…. No wait it’s this one

Thank you so much to Sam and Janessa for choosing me to take your classic New England in the fall engagement session. I hope you are staying warm in Charleston as I freeze my bottom of in this classic New England winter… I am excited we got to catch up and I am also excited to see what the future has in store for you in this next chapter.

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Location: Topsmead State Forest

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