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How to Pack For an Adult Disney Trip

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So you have booked your adults-only trip to Disney World. Have your plane tickets to MCO, and you are wondering what to bring. I have traveled to Disney quite a few times in the last two years, and now have packing for trips down to a science.

Now everyone is different and every trip is different. This specific trip is for those traveling to Disney for more than four days. This is also for those who fly, so I will explain what goes in my carry-on, checked bag, personal bag, and park bag.

In this blog, I will explain my process, what goes in each bag, and how they are used for the trip.

The Bags I Use

Luggage Set: Target

Backpack: Kelly Moore (the one I own is discontinued but this is the latest version)

Park Bag: Primark

Toiletry Bag: Walgreens

Travel Organizer: Amazon

My Packing Process

Since I am a planner I start my packing process as soon as I book the trip. This part is done in my head typically. I decide which Disney shirt I am going to wear once I know which parks I have made park reservations for. I usually start the actual packing three days before… Most of my trips are 5-8 days. So I bring two pieces of luggage and a backpack. I pack my checked bag, then my carry-on, and then my backpack. The reason I pack my personal item last is because that is where my chargers and toiletries go, and I use those up until my trip.

Once my bags are packed I put my checked bag and carry-on in my trunk the night before and leave my personal item by the door. I like to get as much sleep as possible before a trip so I can sleep a little longer, and this helps.

What Goes In Each Bag

My Checked Bag

For my carry-on, I made some DIY organizers labeled with the day of the week. Each bag has:

  • outfit for the day
  • magic band for the day
  • pjs For the night
  • Minnie Ears

This tip is great for those doing a split stay (staying in more than one resort)… This way you only unpack the days you will be in the room.

Other Things In My Checked Bag

  • beach bag
  • bathing suits
  • socks
  • shoes
  • personal garments

My Carry On

I approach my carry-on with the thoughts of what would I need if my bag doesn’t make it to the airport. This is my approach for any flight. Whether it is because it didn’t make the connecting flight or the airline somehow lost it. I have had this happen many times so I have learned to prepare. It doesn’t happen all the time but enough to pack this way.

  • outfit for one day
  • toiletries
  • pair of sneakers
  • umbrella
  • pair of Minnie ears
  • sunglasses
  • pre-filled park

Once I go through security I will put any heavy outerwear in the bag

Personal Bag (Backpack)

I decide what goes into my personal bag based on what I want to have in reach while on the plane.

  • laptop (if I bring it)
  • IPad
  • snacks
  • AirPods
  • camera
  • travel organizer

What’s in the travel organizer

  • camera battery charger
  • Magicband + charger
  • phone charger
  • extra charging chords
  • extra charging ports
  • extra portable chargers
  • extra headphones

Park Bag

  • Magic Band for the first park
  • disposable poncho
  • pair of sunglasses
  • blotting paper
  • small fan
  • portable charger
  • deodorant
  • powder
  • tipping money

How The Bags Are Used Throughout the Trip

  1. I usually got the park or Disney Springs when I arrive… So I will take my park bag out of my carry-on and then leave the rest at Bell Services.
  2. Once I return from the park or DS I will call Bell Services for my bags if they haven’t put them in the room already (sometimes when I come back at night they leave them in the room)
  3. I will unpack my outfit organizers for each day, personal garments, and swim things, and put them in the drawers. If I am doing a split stay I will just do the days I am in the resort.
  4. I unpack my carry-on completely except for my outerwear
  5. If I buy anything to bring home throughout the trip it goes right into my checked bag. Unless it is something wearable like ears or apparel (I’ll probably wear it on the trip at some point)
  6. Once I wear an outfit or pjs, it goes in the top mesh of my check bag so I can throw it in the wash once I’m home.
  7. I pack and put everything away the night before I leave after I put on my pjs and then I only have to pack pjs and toiletries the next day.

So that is how I pack for an adult Disney trip. I hope you have found some tips that could help you for your next adult Disney trip. If you have any tips you would like to pas along please leave them in the comments.

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