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My Top 5 Places to Eat in Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest ballroom as a part of a top 5 places to eat at magic kingdom list

Today I am starting a new series about my favorite places to eat on Disney properties. The reason why I am starting with a food series is because one of my favorite things to do at Disney is: eat. I thought what better way to start than with the favorite park for many Disney fans. These are my top 5 places to eat in Magic Kingdom.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and everyone’s tastes are different. These choices are based on my experiences and preferences. These are also listed randomly and not in a specific order order

My Top 5 Places to Eat In Magic Kingdom

1. Be Our Guest (Table Service)

I just want to start with the fact that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney animated movie, Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, and Celine Dion and Pebo Bryson’s version of the title song is one of my favorite songs. And if you love it as I do you will love this place for the atmosphere alone. The main ballroom with its magic touches makes you feel like you are no longer in Fantasy Land but in the Beast’s castle. I love exploring the other rooms especially the West Wing. The food was good but the experience is what does it for me. I highly recommend this if you are a big Beauty and the Beast fan.

2. Pecos Bill Tall Tail Inn and Cafe (Quick Service)

photo owned by Disney

I love Tex-Mex and this place is great for that. It has tons of covered seating, which is always a plus. If you are looking for a great tasting filling meal this place is great. I really like the fajitas. I just wish they would bring back the toppings bar that we lost due to the pandemic and never came back.

3. Spring Roll Cart

Magic Kingdom is full of snacks from soft pretzels to popcorn, but my favorite is the spring rolls. You can find this cart right outside the Adventure Land entrance. They usually have two different offerings the most frequent one offered is the cheeseburger one. The last time I was there they had one themed for the 50th Anniversary, but now that that celebration is over you may find a new flavor. You get two with your order and they are the perfect in-between meals snack. They are filling but not to heavy that you regret it on a hot park day.

4. Columbia Harbour House (Quick Service)

My New England heart loves this place. It has some of the comfort staples I grew up with in Connecticut. Even though they offer the chilled version of a lobster roll, and I am more of a hot butter-based woman, the rest of the menu makes up for it. This restaurant is located in the Liberty Square portion of the park. One of the best things is the fact that this place has tons of air-conditioned seating :).

5. Casey’s Corner (Quick Service)

I have three words for you: corn dog nuggets. I love a good corn dog (emphasis on the word good), but these nuggets are one of my favorite things to eat on every Disney property I have been to. Now the seating is not the best but I love to grab an order of these with a side of fries and a frozen mint julip, sit in the hub grass, and people-watch. Now I know fried food on an 85-degree day in Florida doesn’t sound appetizing to most, but trust me it is my favorite way to enjoy lunch in the Magic Kingdom.

Places I Want to Try

  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • The Stand Next to Tron
  • Skipper Canteen
  • Westword Ho (Bacon on a Stick to be exact)

So those are my top 5 places to eat in Magic Kingdom. What are yours? Leave your top 5 places in Magic Kingdom in the comments below. See you real soon with my choices for Epcot.

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