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Mystic Elopement | Christin and Molly| Summer 2023

Brides exchanging vows at their mystic elopement in front of a lighthouse

Christin and Molly’s Mystic elopement had a lot of smiles, water, and PIZZA. This was about the two of them and them only. A lot of weddings are a big celebration that can become more than people becoming a unit. There is nothing wrong with that, but elopements are truly about the couple only.

I shoot big weddings mostly so doing an elopement every now and then is a breath of fresh air. So for this to happen at the height of the “busy season” it was nice to switch it up. I love shooting both because they give different experiences. After spending this experience with Christin and Molly I can see why they chose this experience for them.

We started the day scouting out for the best light for the ceremony. They wanted the ceremony to be at the historical lighthouse in Stonington. The front was super bright so we decided on the garden in the back, for the ceremony, and then would do some portraits in the front after.

We then did some portraits by the water, where the boats and Rhode Island gave a nice backdrop. There was a nice park beach that allowed them to take in the moment, while I looked like a creep taking their pictures lol. Then they walked over to the ceremony spot.

The ceremony was performed by El a college friend of Molly’s. He had been ordained for a previous friend so it worked out really nicely. The ceremony involved poetic vows, which fit them nicely because Christin is a librarian. There were a few tears but the smiles were definitely more present.

After the ceremony, we did as planned and went to the front of the lighthouse for some photos, and then they ventured up to the top (with the museum manager) and did some portraits while I mimed directions. Since it is a smaller lighthouse I stayed on the ground because the three of us wouldn’t fit comfortably enough to get the right shots.

While the officiant and his girlfriend went to grab pizzas, we headed to the beach area of Stonington Point. After seeing the hoards of people trying to get in the last days of “summer” we decided to head to the rocks for some golden hour photos. These are some of my favorite photos of the day.

Next, we headed to downtown Mystic and continued their portraits. First in front of the iconic Mystic Pizza and then by the water, where the character of Mystic shines. And if you are going to have Mystic elopement you have to get a ship in somewhere.

I then suggested the cute little bookstore across the street from the pizza place. It was a great way to show a part of who they are for their big day. I love incorporating personal things into shoots no matter what it is…

We ended the day with dinner at Mystic Pizza. Instead of feeding each other cake, they chose pizza. Now anyone who knows me knows that cake (unless there is fruit in it) is one of my favorite things at a wedding, but having pizza was a nice way to end my time with them.

Mystic Elopement Photos

Thank you again to Christin and Molly for letting me capture a portion of your special day… My your life be filled with love, books, and pizza (hopefully the pizza isn’t scolding hot).

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Mystic Elopement Vendors

Ceremony Site: Stonington Lighthouse Museum

Reception Site: Mystic Pizza

Hair and Makeup: Smudge Makeup

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