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Fall Haddam Engagement Session | Fall 2023

a couple kissing under a tree at their fall haddam engagement session

Graham and Jenny’s fall Haddam engagement session was (as one of my past brides said on Instagram) what storybooks are made of. The lighting was movie magic light. The air was crisp, and the couple was swoon-worthy to watch. Falls in New England can be very unpredictable, so the weather cooperating eas a God send.

When planning an engagement session, sometimes the location is the hardest to decide on. With them, it was Camp Bethel from the jump. Jenny and Graham grew up spending time with their families on this property, so it has a lot of meaning to them. It is where they decided to date and where they will be married next spring.

This location also had some photography perks. The property is right near the river and has a great view of the classic iron bridge in Haddam. There are many trees that provide the glorious foliage from all of the rain we have been complaining about this year. There was enough open sky too so the natural light was the prettiest.

On top of the reasons I previously mentioned. There are some fun facts about this location. The pathway in the picture above was built by Graham and his dad. The bench they sit on in the photos below was made in memory of his dad. Last, one of my first shoots was here with the children of a mutual friend of ours.

We started the shoot with the classic view of the bridge, water, and foliage. I was also near Graham’s family cottage so changing into the next outfit allowed more time. The biggest time consumer in most engagement sessions is changing outfits. This was also the spot where the bench was so we were able to get variety off the bat.

After the scenic view, we moved to where I saw the best light. This is where the pathway was and where I took the photos that I am most known for. They are also the ones where I start making noises (if you have worked with me you know what I am talking about).

Next, after the last outfit change, we went to a trail that was a fall wonderland. It looked like a fall set, with perfectly placed fallen leaves and a soft light peeking through the colorful trees. Last we headed to the railroad tracks by the river. This is also another spot that was a part of their history. They used to play there as kids. This made me nostalgic for when my siblings and I played in the woods by the railroad tracks in our neighborhood. I being a scaredy cat growing up never went on the tracks though.

Ok now time for the pics…

Fall Haddam Engagement Session Photos

This is the chapel they will be getting married in next spring

The bench dedicated to Graham’s dad and the pathway they made together

I can not wait til their wedding next spring and shoot this beautiful location with all of the glory of spring. Thank you to Jenny and Graham for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Doing this in such a cherished location was truly an honor, and will be again next year.

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