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New England Backyard Wedding 101

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2020 the Year of the Backyard Wedding

As crazy as this year (2020) has been, it truly has become the year to have a backyard wedding here in New England. Thanks, COVID. Fun fact: my first wedding was a backyard wedding at the bride’s mother’s house. Due to phases moving at a snail’s pace, a lot of couples have turned their big wedding at a venue to a small intimate affair. I have done a couple and thought I would share some tips from my experience.

(some of the photos are from styled shoots inspired by backyard weddings)

1. Try to Keep the Vendors You Can

As hard as this year has been for couples it has hit the wedding industry hard. Most of your vendors can still be used. Your florist will gladly decorate your home. Your photographer would still be honored to capture your day… Just because it’s not a big wedding that doesnt mean we still dont want to give quality service. The day still is just as valuable.

new england backyard wedding sweetheart table

2. Love is Not Cancelled

This statement has become a hashtag of sorts but that doesn’t make it less meaningful, nor should the day be. Remembering that a wedding is more about the ones you love and not just a big party keeps the perspective in the right place. I know that expectations aren’t being met, but as someone who has done countless weddings expectations are often not met. This does not mean to not be excited, not care, or plan. It just means that things never go exactly to plan.

3. Pull a P. Diddy and Just Do a Remix

Just like its best to keep as many vendors as you can, try and keep as personal many things as planned. Ladies, rock your dress as if you want, wear those shoes , and get glammed up. Fellas, work that tux or suit, go golfing before, and take 5 minutes to get ready. Carry that bouquet with pride. Write those vows that carry extra meaning this year. Toast champagne in a red cup. Sway to your song whether its by a DJ or a bluetooth speaker..

couple dancing at a new england inspired styled shoot

4. Small Ceremony Bigger Party

One of the common things I have seen is that couples are having the ceremony at the normal spot and then having a bigger party at home …. Though there are guidelines that you should stick to at home to keep as many people safe as possible, you still find ways to do that. Whether it is having masks and hand sanitizer at tables, colored bracelets that provide a physical representation of comfort level, or even doing a car parade. Just make sure it is what you feel comfortable with.

5. Have Fun

This year has been stressful enough here in New England when it comes to having a wedding. The point of doing it this year in your backyard is celebrate your love without waiting. I know telling couples to relax right now is kind of crazy, but I am. You only get this day once, or twice if you are doing the big venue wedding next year. Make the the best of it. Hug those you can. Eat some good food. Breathe in that humidity (get fans if you need to.

Bride laughing with friends at her New england backyard wedding

New England Backyard Wedding Vendors

(vendors featured in this blog)


Gem Photography duh

Hair and Makeup

Transcendent Makeup

Resurge Beauty Bar


Brehant Creations


Earth Blossom Flowers

It’s So Ranunculus

Are you interested in GEM photographing your small backyard wedding check out more info here

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