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6 Reasons Why I Love My Canon R6

canon r6 body

I Jumped On the Canon R6 Train

I know. I know. Another person has bought into the Canon R6 hype. If you know me I am not a hype person. I just got a Tik Tok and think about deleting it daily, but when it was time to replace my 5D Mk lll I decided to purchase this camera. I am so glad I did. Like with any major purchase I did my research. After watching endless hours of reviews on Youtube, reading reviews on the internet, and asking frendors (friend + vendors) I headed to the Camera Bar and picked it up.

I have had the camera for about four months now and I have to say I am already in love. This camera is on a whole new level… So much so I thought I would share the things I love most about it. 6 reasons to be exact.

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and my personal opinions. This is not sponsored or information on specs.

1. I can use my already owned lenses

Buying a new camera is always a big investment, and when switching to mirrorless from a DSLR it can be like buying a new home. Being able to use my EF lenses through the EF to RF adapter has been great. Not only did I not have to buy new lenses, even though I hear the RF lenses are amazing, but this camera also makes them better.

2. I can use SD cards

sandisk sd memory cards

When I made the decision to try a mirrorless camera I knew I wanted to stay with Canon, so my options were the R6 or the R5. I know there R is great but with being a wedding photographer I wanted a camera with 2 card slots. The R5 requires CF Express cards which are like $100 a card. Seeing that I want to save as much money as possible this was why I chose the R6.

3. I can use Canon E6 batteries

canon r6 battery

The Canon R6 uses a LP-E6 battery which is a better version of the E6 batteries that come with the full frame DSLRS. The battery life is very good on the LP version, but the fact I can use the batteries I already own. I shot an 8 hour wedding with this camera and I didn’t even have to change my battery as frequently as I had to with my Mark IV.

4. It is easy on my back

photo taken with the canon r6

As a wedding photographer, I carry around two cameras for up to 11 hours. This camera is so much lighter that I feel such a big difference the day after shooting.

5. The EVF aka Electric View Finder

male portrait taken with the canon r6

This feature may be my favorite feature of the Canon R6. With the EVF I can see exactly what my image is going to look like before I shoot it. This is perfect for weddings because when I go from a dark room to a bright outdoor area. The EVF reminds me to change my settings before hitting the shutter.

6. The auto focus that helps me nail every shot

The auto focus on this camera is definitely, the biggest reason I love the Canon R6. I particularly love the drag and drop focus. I can use my finger to tell the camera exactly where to focus. The camera also has eye and face detection which in my opinion is pure magic.

Recent Shoot with the Canon R6

I recently did a shoot with the R6. I also brought my Mark IV but I barely used it. I kept using my R6 …

In conclusion, I love this camera. Just looking at these images makes me excited for the next shoot, wedding, or family event.

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