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Hammonasset Beach Engagement Session

Madison, CT- Josh and Sarah

Josh and Sarah’s Hammonasset beach engagement session was so much fun…When doing engagement sessions with couples I encourage couples to include places and other things that are important to them. At the consultation, Sarah mentioned she wanted to have their engagement session Hammonasset Beach in Clinton CT, and that’s just what we did. Not only, did we include a location that meant a lot to them they also included their two dogs.

couple at their hammonasset beach engagement session

About the Engagement Session

I arrived early, to figure out the lighting, find seashells for the ring shot, and because I hate being late. Now with living in New England, and its ever-changing weather this session was supposed to be two days before. I am so glad we postponed because it was beautiful and if you are going to postpone for weather the engagement session is the day to do it.

The session started with the couple and their two dogs who were so cute with their bow tie and flower collar. Now, I have been told to never start with the dogs but I do whatever the couple thinks is best for their pet… They are their parents and they know what’s best.

Once we were done with the photos with the dogs, we moved onto the photos of the future Mr and Mrs. The area is a secluded area of Megs Point at Hammonasset. There were some occasional Sunday walkers but nothing like if we were in the main beach areas. Since it was in the morning and very sunny I tried to find as many shaded areas as possible. I concluded the shoot with a ring shot featuring the shells I had found earlier.

And now the photos

Hammonasset Beach Engagement Session Photos

I am so excited for Josh and Sarah’s wedding next month if their engagement session is any indication it is going to be so much fun.

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