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Connecticut Wedding Vendor: GEM Photography New 2022 Pricing Info

A Message From Your Favorite Connecticut Wedding Vendor

Well, it’s that time of year folks.. The time when I dun dun dun raise my prices. I only do this once a year and I always do it on the 1st of August. I try to be fair with pricing but I also work for myself and deserve a raise every year. I have also changed the pricing model. Don’t you worry some things will remain the same.

Why Are Prices Changing

  1. Inflation- I will not get in to politics but things cost more so in order to keep this business going I need to raise prices to be able to keep up with expenses
  2. Experience- Between the last time I raised prices I have shot more weddings gaining the knowledge and experience to provide a better experience for future couples… Just like you make more mony based on education and experience in industry
  3. Better Couple Experience- These increases allow me to take less weddings and focus even more on each wedding than I already do…
wedding flats photo taken by Connecticut wedding vendor Raina McMillan

What Is Changing

  1. Pricing on all services- Seeing as this is the point of this blog is to tell you about new pricing that shoudnt be a surpise
  2. Pre-made Collections- Correction the collection. That’s right I have put together one collection including everything that gives you the full GEM experience. The collection includes 2 photographers, an online proofing gallery, a complimentary engagement session, travel within 60 miles.
  3. Booking Bonuses- The hair and makeup for enagement session arranged by me, with one of my truste local wedding vendors, is now year round not just July. (Don’t know what a booking bonus is inquire here

When Are Things Changing

August 1st … I will grandfather in those who inquire or inquired before then

What Is Staying The Same

  1. The Custom Collection Creator- Now the starting price is changing but the service is still available. If you are interested in having me create a custome collection you can fill out this form.
  2. GEM Loves Teachers- Of course… Want more info check out the GEM Loves Teachers page
  3. The retainer and payment schedule

Bonus: Connecticut Wedding Vendor FAQs

With all of this talk about pricing, I thought I would share answers to questions and information I often see and hear.

  1. Why do vendors charge so much? I cant speak for everyone but I know I charge what I charge in order to give a quality experience. I try to give the best without over charging but to be transparent the camera without the 1000-2000 dollar lens attached cost 2500 on its own… I wont list everything but it costs alot to run a wedding business. Also we are seasonal workers… and can only work one wedding a day. You get what you pay for is not just a cliche its true.
  2. Where can I find a reasonable photographer? I think this question is flawed I think a better question is, “Where can I find a photographer in my budget of (insert budget)” I am strong believer in budgets, I think Dave Ramsey is the man, but I also know people spend money differently. For example, if I am on vacation and forgot one of my many pairs of flip flops I am going to get the cheapest pair at the nearest Walmart (there is always a Walmart). I will also spend 50 bucks on a really good meal (for myself) on the same vacation, because I love to eat good food when I am given the chance.
  3. What is the average price for a wedding photographer? The average price for a wedding photographer with experince in Connecticut is about 3500 on the lower end and 5000 on the higher end for the typical coverage of 8 hours. The vaiables depend on what is offered with the experience. Side Note: When it comes to someone capturing one of the biggest days of your life experience should be imprtant.

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