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Harkness Engagement Session | Amanda and Steve

couple at their harkness engagement session

Amanda and Steve’s Harkness engagement session was as close to perfect as you can get. Starting with hair and makeup from ome of my favorite vendors and ending with a stunning pink sunset. Amanda even wore a pink shirt that matched the pink sunset, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Amanda and Steve were the lucky winners of the engagement session giveaway I did recently. Though the session was given away at random I have actually known Amanda for quite sometime… I have known her for a while now I believe, and if I am remembering correctly for over a decade. I have definitly have known her before she met her fiance. I can say after their session that they are a lovely couple.

Now I have been photographing weddings and engagement sessions all over Connecticut for over 6 years now, but I have never shot an engagement session at Harkness before (shocking I know). I have shot a wedding, styled shoot, and a portrait session at Harkness but never an enagement session. Ironically, I have another engagement session there tomorrow with a 2022 couple.

We started the engagement session in the field of tall grass located on your right as you enter the parking lot. I always try to use locations with little traffic when starting the session to help couples relax, which is hard to do when there are people around you. We that headed over to the flower garden with the famous Harkness Japanese Maple. I think it’s an unwritten Harkness engagement session rule to take a photo in front of this tree.

I like the cottage with the hanging ivy which is right near the tree so that is where we headed next, and followed that with taking photos at the back of the beautiful Eiola Mansion, which also has the beautiful ivy. These photos are some of my favorites from the session. The pergala was crowded with other photographers having their own engagement sessions so this was when I had to get creative with framing and lens choices.

We ended the session on the beach because I wanted the sun to be low for those photos (as well as the other half dozen photographers). I am so glad I did because the pink shirt and blue jeans looked perfect with the pink sky. These photos are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken …

Ok ok I am done talking. Now time for the pictures

Harkness Engagement Session Photos

The Famous Japaneese Maple
Photographer Tip: Take the photo of the enagement ring while the couple is changing
Taken while waiting for the phogoraphers to shoot their photos in the pergala to move
Look at that beautiful pink sky

I am so happy I was able to help these two celebrate their engagement. It was so nice to catch up with someone I havent seen in a while. Best of luck to this amazing couple on your marriage.

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Hair and Makeup done by Yen Torres of Transcendant Makeup

Intrested in your own Harkness engagement session?

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Did you know that about GEM’s Booking bonuses.. No. Well one of them was included in this session.. If you book GEM two weeks from your intial meeting or phone call I will arrange your hair and makeup with a trusted vendor for your engagement session. For more details about booking bonuses and GEM’s services visit www.gemctphoto.com.

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