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GEM Photography’s Best Wedding Photos of 2021

wedding photo of a couple at their CT wedding

First, let me start by thanking every couple that let me be a part of their big day this past year. Taking your wedding photos was an honor. Picking my favorites for the busiest year of my career was really hard. I hate when people feel left out, so having to pick between days that are so personal. I did my best to pick some from every wedding and engagement session.

If you are one of my couples and you’re thinking she didn’t post many so she didn’t like my wedding… GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD RIGHT NOW. That is far from the case. It’s just they are photos that I technically love there is no emotion behind these decisions.

With that being said here are my favorite wedding photos of 2021…

GEM’s Best Wedding Photos of 2021

Engagement Photos

Topsmead State Forest
Favorite Sillouette of 2021
Look at that foreground
Devil’s Hopyard State Park
Elizabeth Park
Lovely Fall Photo
Harkness State Park
Engagement Session Giveaway
Love this black qnd white photo
Downtoawn Hartford
Hidden gem of a spot at Topsmead State Forest
That light though
Golden Hour Goodness

Detail Photos

Floral design by Elise Floral in Cheshire CT
Favorite shoe shot of 2021
favorite flatlay of 2021

Getting Ready Photos

Cuteness overload

First Looks Photos

Danielle’s niece’s reaction is my favorite


Favorite example of a great groom reaction even after a first look
Lord Thompson Manor ceremony

Bridal Party Photos

move over vanity fair
march farms

Reception Photos

I meaannnn

Candid Photos

Such a sweet moment

Couples Photos

Now that’s a viel shot
Love this one
The Light
For my fellow book nerds

2021 Wrap Up

This year was a year of firsts, endings, and new beginnings.


  1. Shooting with my R6– Even though I purchased my first mirrorless camera in 2020. I didnt use it at a wedding til this year. Click here for my review here.
  2. New Places
  3. First look with a dog


  1. Ended Family Services– Gem Photography began with family services, but since I wanted to start focusing on weddings I decided to not feature it
  2. Unlimited GEM Loves Teacher Weddings- I had no idea how popular this program would become. With it becoming so popular I had to limit it to 10 per year
  3. Engagement Session Giveaway– There are many reasons but based on certain factors the way this giveaway is done is no ore

New Beginnings

  1. Sprout Studios– I started using Sprout Studios because it allows everything to be put in one spot
  2. FlatYay Friday– This year I started focusing moe on wedding details for deeper storytelling. If you would like to follow Flatyay Friday check out GEM’s Instagram
  3. Custom Collection Creator- I love personalizing collections to fit a wedding day better if you are intrested in creating one click here
  4. New Surprises for GEM Couples– If I told you I would have to kill you.

In conclusion, 2021 was quite the year. Was it busy?? Yes… Was it hard??? At times… Was it fun??? Heck yeah..

Thank you to everyone for making this year what it was …

2022 let’s see what ya got

Til Next Year



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