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What If It Rains? | 5 Wedding Photographer Questions You Should Ask But Don’t

The photo was taken on a rainy day at the Aqua Turf Club

“What happens if the wedding is canceled?” “What happens if you get sick” “What is the next step?” I have heard the questions countless times. There are lists on The Knot that are the wedding photographer questions “you must ask” ( I actually answered those wedding photographer questions here). Now I think most of them are great questions but there are questions that you may want to ask that only a pro like me would think to ask.

It’s that time of year when you and your partner sit down to go through countless websites trying to find the perfect vendors for your big day. Then you narrow them down to about 3 or 4 print out your wedding photographer questions and try and narrow it down. So here are a couple more that may help in your decision.

Now some of you would think to ask these questions and if you are I may be a good fit 🙂

The 5 Wedding Photographer Questions You Dont Think To Ask

1. Which part of the day do you feel is your strongest???

photo from a blog about wedding photographer questions

If you are looking for a wedding photographer that will do their best to get your wedding published (it’s harder than you think). Make sure you find someone who has strong detail shots… Magazines don’t care about people they care about invites and tablescapes.

If you care about family photos look for someone who is organized and calm… Trust me…

2. Do you have shots of weddings or sessions in bad/different weather?

Now I know you don’t want to think about snow or rain on your wedding day. Yes, it’s good luck and all, but it’s not the easiest to shoot in or around… I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked if I shot at a particular venue, but I have never been asked if I shout there when it rained or there was snow everywhere… Now the chances of finding a photographer who shot at your venue with the same exact weather (especially in New England), but you can see if they have shot in different weather situations.

3. Do you do added photoshop?

There was no added photoshop on this photo

You get your photos back and you notice something in the background you would like removed. You want to know if it is an option… Now if you want it removed it may cost you… Taking things out of photos is a lot of work. Face swapping may not be in a photographer’s skill set. What would he or she do if they can’t?

4. Are there extra costs for extra editing?

Time is precious so this is most likely going to be a yes… I know most won’t charge for minor adjustments on a couple of photos, but this may not be done right away. Knowing this will make your expectations a tad more realistic. If you need to do it right away be prepared to pay a rush fee. Like you would for any rushed service.

5.How are you with children?

I know this is a weird question but how someone is with kids will tell you how they are with drunk groomsmen lol. I think what has helped me be the photographer I am, is my ability to work well with children. I always say if you can photograph a 2-year-old you can photograph anyone.

If your little nieces and nephews are a big part of your day you want to have someone that is going to be good with them. Now, some may lie and say “Yeah, I’m great with kids” to book the deal, but it is still a good question to get a feel for who they are…

Side Note: I am great with kids because I have worked with them since I was 13, which is why I started GEM Loves Teachers.

Do You Have Any Other Wedding Photographer Questions?

I know there are other questions you may have and if they are things you wish you knew leave those questions in the comments.

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