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Winter Wedding Photography Guide | 9 Tips for Great Photos

Winter wedding photo of a couple

“Burrr it’s cold in here there must be some Toro’s in the atmosphere” Quick, name that movie. Now with everything going on in the world winter weddings are starting to become less popular in my area, but they are still happening. I thought I would put together a little winter wedding photography guide in order to give some tips. Now I’m sure there are a lot more tips but this is a blog, not a magazine.

Disclaimer: This is mainly for those planning winter weddings in areas that get really cold…

9 Winter Wedding Photography Tips

1. Hand Warmers

I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but I rarely see them at weddings. You can add them to your bridal party gifts. Mittens are cute, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t typically photograph well with fancy clothes. A big box of hand warmers can make you a hero for family members and bridal party.

Hand Warmers

2. Closed Toed Shoes

To me, there is nothing worse than snow on your toes (exaggerating but still). Once your feet get cold you mentally are just cold. Warmer feet help you feel more comfortable, and comfortable people take better wedding photos.

3. Hot Cocoa Station

Speaking of being comfortable, having a hot cocoa station is the perfect way to warm up. Now I suggest providing disposable (earth-friendly) cups with lids so it doesn’t get on things… If you have kids use it after for a bribe, I mean, tret for taking photos.

4. Snow Boots

This is for brides who want those beautiful snow photos in the middle of a field… If you have a big dress you can easily add slip them on. If you don’t take a pair to your final fitting to see how they look. Also, suggest this tip for your bridal party.

5. Shawl/Wrap

This is in the fall but it has a shawl 😉

Guys are lucky during winter weddings because they have layers upon layers. Women sometimes get long sleeves but when it is 20 degrees or below that isn’t much help. A shawl or a wrap can give a little more welcomed warmth during winter wedding photos.

6. A Nice Indoor Location

Now I know some of you are thinking of a fireplace, and yes that is often a go-to for winter wedding photography locations. If you have a photographer that is good at what he or she does, they can make a wall beautiful. So I guess my tip is more about booking a great photographer ;).

7. First Look

Yeah this blog is mentioning the first look like most of my blogs lol, but they really are helpful for those winter days. The sunsets at 4:30 during the winter and if you have an afternoon ceremony a lot of your photos will be in the dark. If you like that make sure you have a photographer who is strong with external light setups. If you like natural photos you might want to consider a first look to make the most of your time with sunlight, and more sun means warmer weather.

If you want that alter moment in a church, I highly suggest doing as many bridal party and family photos before the ceremony.

8. Getting Ready Flannel or Full Pjs

I get it robe shots are cute, but like I keep saying comfort makes for better winter wedding photos. Not into flannel, there are nice warmer pajamas that aren’t thin robes from Etsy may be a better bet, and you just gave your friends a new set of pjs, which I would always welcome personally. Add matching slippers and you may become the MVP in your friend group.

9. Warm Thoughts

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a real thing. If you focus on how cold it is during your winter wedding photos, you feel cold. If you think warm thoughts you can feel warmer. Focusing on your partner and not the weather can warm not just your heart but your body.

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