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Spring Wedding Photography Guide | 7 Tips for Pretty Photos

Shot for Rowanberry and Lavender Photography

If you had asked me what my season was as a child, I would have said summer. My birthday, swimming, and no school made it ideal. If you asked me now as an adult that hates to sweat, I would say spring. The weather, the new blooms, and the light layers give me so much joy. Spring wedding photography in New England is ideal for me as well.

Floral backdrops and warmer weather help make spring weddings a pleasure to shoot, but there are some things that spring weddings bring that can come into play.

Last week, I started a new series on how to get the most out of your winter wedding photos. Naturally, I am continuing with how to get the best wedding photos in spring. Now I think spring weddings are ideal so of course this week doesn’t have as many tips as last week, but I was able to think of some

Spring Wedding Photography Tips

1. A Light Wrap

I know I said this last week, but don’t worry next is summer. Even though it is warmer it is still windy. You can feel a little more comfortable with spaghetti straps with a nice pashmina draped on your shoulders. Ladies, you can leave those thick stoles at home, but a light wrap might help in bringing photo-worthy smiles to your faces.

2. A Flowy Veil

Speaking of windy days, nothing looks better in spring wedding photos than the wind with a long flowy veil. The way the wind holds up that veil for extra seconds gives your photographer more time to get it in the right spot. If you love shots like the one above make sure the veil reaches the ground, is thin, and not weighed down by beading.

3. Good Hairspray

spring wedding photography of a bridal party

Yes, this is another tip based on wind, but the phrase “In like a lion out like a lamb” refers to spring for a reason. I know I should have had this on last week’s blog but let’s be honest you don’t spend as much time outside in the winter. If you hire a professional bridal stylist (which you should), they will use a quality hairspray, but I suggest buying one to keep that beautiful updo in place.

4. An Clear Umbrella

Now I know rain is supposed to be lucky (at least that is what we tell people), but it can put a damper on photos. April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring wet obstacles. Now if it’s pouring finding an indoor location will be the best for photos. If the sprinkle is in the forecast an umbrella is a cute prop that adds to the storytelling. I suggest clear or white so the umbrella is less of a distraction.

Clear Umbrella Amazon


5. Secondary Shoes

It can get muddy with the rain, so having an extra pair of shoes can come in handy… In the winter guide, I mentioned that snow boots are perfect for a snowy picture, so a cute pair of rain boots may come in handy this time of year. Even if you don’t want rain boots an extra pair of shoes is nice because wet feet are not the best.

Uncomfortable people = uncomfortable photos

6. Extra Socks

Since we are talking about rain and feet, an extra pair of socks can come in handy for the guys. Now I know sock shots are popular with the fellas, but wet feet as mentioned earlier doesn’t bring smiley faces. So take that sock photo and then change to enjoy the rest of your day with warmer feet.

Ok I’m done talking about feet and rain

7. Tissues

Now I know you may be thinking this for emotional reasons (like the photo above) but I am not. It has to do with seasonal allergies. As someone who gets her fair share of watery eyes in spring, I know it can be an issue. I carry a pack in my camera bag for this (and for the occasional emotional tear).

Do you know any tips for those planning a wedding in the spring? Leave them in the comment section below..

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