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Summer Wedding Photography Guide | 6 Tips for Cool Wedding Photos

summer wedding photo taken at the madison beach hotel

“Here it is the groove slightly transformed … Just a little break from the norm”. The Fresh Prince gave us a summertime classic when he wrote that song. Speaking of a summer classic, nothing says summer like a wedding. Summer wedding photography is ideal with, warmer weather, longer sunlight availability, and fun iced signature drinks.

We have reached the full installment of the seasonal wedding photography guides. Summer is ideal but I still know some tips that will help create even better wedding photos. Now I am sure there are other tips, but these are the six that I think will help with your summer wedding photos.

Summer Wedding Photography Tips

1. Extra Shirt

I am starting this summer wedding photography guide with a tip for the grooms. Warmer correction HOT weather makes you sweaty. When you wear a jacket for most of the day that white shirt looks not so GQ by the time you get to portraits.. Renting an extra shirt can give you a fresh shirt for looking fresh in photos.

2. Paper Fans

If you are doing your ceremony outside under the beaming sun do your guests a favor and place paper fans in a basket for them. This also comes in handy at large older churches with not the most up-to-date cooling system. You could even print the schedule on them and kill two birds with one stone and not print programs.

3. Airbrush/Waterproof Makeup

There aren’t many days you spend money on getting professional makeup done… If you do you know how important good makeup application is a must. You want that makeup to stay from when you leave you’re getting ready space til you get in your get-away vehicle. When it’s hot you sweat, unless you are the luckiest person on the planet, so if you want that to stay waterproof/airbrush makeup is your best bet. Now if you hire a true professional they know what products last throughout the day. They know what makeup looks like better in photos as well, so I guess my tip is to hire a professional makeup artist.

Side Tip: Read reviews about longevity…

4. Blotting Paper

You have been dancing the night away and your photographer pulls you aside for some epic sunset photos. You are a sweaty mess and you don’t have a makeup artist at your beck and call. Now there is some makeup that doesn’t show your sweat but if you don’t have that blotting paper like these will take the shine away. Glow is pretty in summer wedding photos, looking greasy does not.

5. Flip Flops

Now I know that there are countless photos on Pinterest of flip flops for a wedding reception, but this is a photography guide. Having a pair of flip flops is is a great way to relieve your feet. Like I have said in every guide so far “comfortable people create beautiful photos” (well something close to that).

6. Insolated Water Bottles

Staying hydrated during a summer wedding is something we don’t worry about but should. You are in high temps that can lead to dehydration at a rapid level. You are also drinking alcohol because that open bar is not going to drink itself. It may be drinking but it isn’t hydrating.

Having an insulated water bottle allows you to stay hydrated throughout the day with cold water… Who wants to drink warm water? I know I don’t. These bottles can be a little more expensive but I think they are well worth it on a hot summer day.

Here is a nice white one if you want it to compliment your outfit 😉 (click here)

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