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Fall Wedding Photography Guide | 8 Tips For Better Photos

fall wedding photography taken at the Glastonbury Boathouse in CT

We have reached the last blog post in this seasonal wedding photography guide. The famous saying says “save the best for last”, and I think that’s why God placed fall at the end of the year. Fall wedding photography is at its peak in these parts because of nature’s colorful backdropsRemember I live in the New England area and if I can pride myself on anything it’s coming from the prettiest area during the fall season. This is also why wedding season in fall for me is crazy.. But fall wedding photography is more than just pretty leaves.

Fall Wedding Photography Tips

1. Shawls

I know I know I brought this tip already but with the ever-changing New England weather, there is going to be some cross-over. Fall is can go from summer-type heat to an early winter chill within minutes. Having a shawl to keep your arms a little warmer makes smiling easier.

2. Bug Spray

I almost put this in the summer edition because it really is a problem in the summer too, but when I think of bugs being the worst I think of the fall. You are outside as the sun goes down more frequently in the fall because of the earlier sunset. When you are doing sunset photos the last thing you want in your fall wedding photos is you itching due to the constant bites. Also, your guests will appreciate not having bumps all over their bodies the next day if you have a bottle at outdoor locations

3. Allergy Medicine

This isn’t just a fall thing but it is a problem for some. Make sure you take a non-drowsy version because no one really likes fall wedding photography where people look half-awake. Also, make sure you eat if you plan on drinking because that could be a big problem.

4. Tissues

Seeing the love of your life for the first time can cause tears, but so can allergies and wind. Having tissues on hand can help keep that professional makeup in its place. If you know your bridal party is full of criers or allergy-ridden may be buying in bulk might be your best option.

5. Water-Proof Makeup

As I have stressed in every wedding photography guide professional makeup plays a big part in your wedding photos looking their best. I could go on and on (I may need to do a blog post about this), but when it comes to the ever-changing weather in the fall professional waterproof makeup is key. Whether it is the heat leftover from summer or the tear-inducing wind waterproof makeup can help your fall wedding photography look its best.

6. First Look

There is an entire blog post dedicated to why couples should do a first look, but the reason why you should add it to your fall wedding photography timeline is because of earlier sunsets. If you don’t want to feel rushed for the portrait portion of the day your day a first look can be a lifesaver. Racing the sun to get all of the photos you have planned can make the day a little uneasy. When you get married in the fall you want to see the leaves in all their glory, and if you have a 4 o’clock ceremony that can be tricky. It can be done but it can be tricky.

7. Flannel Getting Ready Wear

I mean if you are from New England and haven’t worn fall in the fall are you really from New England. Besides the colorful leaves, having a flannel shirt or pj set can add a storytelling element to your fall wedding photography. Plus a button-down shirt is perfect to change out of to keep that hair and makeup in tack.

8. Foliage Backdrop

Sometimes the outside of your venue is gorgeous at fall time, and sometimes it’s not. Finding a park or another offsite location full of fall leaves is a perfect thing to add to your fall wedding photography itinerary. The photo above was taken at the beautiful Homestead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut. This also took some time since it was offsite so make sure you have enough time in your timeline to allow it.

It has been so fun going through the seasons and as I reach the end remember there are tips that I haven’t even thought of but have done my best to share my favorite ones.

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