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My 6 Favorite Rewatch Podcasts To Work To

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I have always worked with music or tv shows in the background, but recently I have loved working to rewatch podcasts. What is a rewatch podcast you might ask? It is a podcast where former shows are rewatched, usually by the show’s actors, and they share behind-the-scenes info. I love listening to these so I thought I would share my favorites.

Favorite Rewatch Podcasts

Drama Queens

I am not embarrassed to admit that I loved a teenage drama show in my twenties. This is why two of my favorite rewatch podcasts center around teenage drama. This rewatch podcast is done by Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Hillary Burton. They played the three lead girls throughout the show, well Hillary left the sixth season, but she was there for most of it.

If you have followed the show post-filming you may know about the drama with the producer. They don’t bring him up, but you do get some insight as to what the environment was like. They really rewatch and you feel like they are watching the show as people who were not the actors. They get very deep sometimes which makes you wonder if they think these characters are real people.

Pros: Lots of behind the scene details. Their friendship is sweet and comes through. They have old castmates and crew join

Cons: Way too many ads… I get you to have to pay these women but it is a lot


Like Drama Queens, this rewatch podcast is run by the leading actresses of this show. These two actually were there the whole series run. Now I think this podcast is great, but I loved it more when Sisely cohosted… I find the new co-host annoying.. I also think Tori Spelling can be a little much. Jennie Garth, who played Kelly, isn’t rewatching she is actually watching for the first time. This brings a fresh take on the show that I have binged watched more than I care to admit.

Pros: Jennie Garths take. Hearing from old guests stars and fellow cast members

Cons: The cohost. They tend to get off topic very easily

The Betchelor

This isn’t a rewatch podcast, but it is a podcast that happens after watching the Bachelor franchise shows. Now there are a lot of Bachelor podcasts, I have tried many of them and this one is my fave. The current hosts are Jared Freid (a comedian), Fat Carry Bradshaw, and Kay Brown.

Now I enjoy the guys more than Kay but she hangs out with a lot of the people on the shows, which gives a fun perspective. I think I like this one more than the others because this doesn’t involve people who were on the show, so they feel comfortable saying how they really feel. Sadly Fat Carry Bradshaw is not doing the show anymore, so if Jared leaves I’m out

Pros: Non-bachelor particapents

Cons: Favorite person left

Welcome To Our Show

This is the latest on rewatch podcast list. This podcast involves three of the main actors of the show New Girl. I loved New Girl. They are still in the first season so there isn’t much to go on, but it is becoming one of my faves. They stick to talking about the show and adding some random stories but they get back to the episode quickly. I like that they play a different game at the end of each episode.

Pros: They are funny but not crass. They really go behind the scenes without being gossipy.

Cons: Can’t think of any

Office Ladies

This was the one that started my rewatch podcast journey. I love The Office and can quote seasons 1-5 from memory, I own those seasons. I love that they are friends but stay on the subject, well kind of. They have what they call Deep Dives, which at times are a tangent but they are often very informative. The guests are frequent and often bring a fun perspective. If you watched The Office and like podcasts, you are probably listening to this already. If you are not you should.

Pros: Detailed behind the scenes. Great guests

Cons: Can get long at times

Zack To The Future

If I had to pick a favorite rewatch podcast, this would be it. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure it was canceled. This was hosted by Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris himself) and Dashiell Driscoll ( the writer and creator of Zack Morris Is Trash). Dashiell was the one rewatching this show because Mark-Paul never watched it and since it was 30 years ago barely remembers anything. He is very self critical, which was very obvious on the show. Hearing from him as a viewer was actually funny. There are 50 episodes, so if you love Saved by the Bell this is a great show to listen to.

Pros: Very Entertaining and Funny. Nostalgia on overload

Cons: Mark-Paul could be a downer. It is no longer on.

What are your favorite rewatch podcasts? Do you have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

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