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5 Rainy Wedding Day Tips

rainy wedding day church photo

Rain Rain go away let the sun come out and let the children play

– Family Business by Kanye West

I have heard the saying “a rainy wedding day is lucky”. Now I don’t know if that is actually true, but it is a great way to calm down a stressed bride. A rainy day wedding for some may be their worst nightmare, and not being prepared for one will just add to that stress. I have shot my fair share of rainy day weddings and I have learned some things along the way.

Now I am not a weather expert and thanks to living in New England I have trust issues with weather apps and forecasts. This blog is what has worked for me and I think can be helpful for others. Hopefully, these tips help you navigate your wedding day.

Wedding Day Wedding Tips

1. Bring the Proper Gear

I am sitting in a coffee shop, and I am bopping my head to the song Umbrella internally playing in my head. But having a clear or black umbrella can be a lifesaver when transitioning from place to place. Rain boots are great to have on hand, but not a necessity as the umbrella, ella, ella, ay ay.

2. Locations with Covering

When taking this photo I stood out in the drizzle while I had the bride and groom stand under the church door arch to keep safe from the rain.

Most wedding venues have at least one location with some coverage to keep you safe from the rain. Even if it means getting in the gazebo from 1980 for a few photos. Or standing under the carport while someone directs traffic. Whatever it is these little spots can give you an outdoor feel even on a rainy day.

3. Be As Flexible As Possible

Sometimes you may need to change when and where you do portraits. For example, like the rainy wedding day used for this blog we had to make the most out of the time between the ceremony and the cocktail hour, we hustled over to the Boston harbor to take the outdoor photos. Sometimes you need to move the schedule around the doppler.

Being flexible also means you may have to be ok with the bottom of your dress wet ladies. I know that sounds like a big no in your vision, but not at one point during this wedding you could tell that it rained based on her dress. I had them stay on the hard surfaces and since this was a downtown wedding there wasn’t any chance for grass stains. If there was I would have used sidewalks or another type of harder service.

4. Stay Positive

Now I am not saying you need to be like Dory in Finding Nemo, but keeping an outlook of positivity can really help keep those rainy wedding day blues away. Even though the weather may not be ideal it should still be the happiest day of your life. You are not spending all that money to be miserable, so think good thoughts.

Not to be preachy, but it is about marrying the love of your life. Yes, you want it to be perfect but after shooting over one hundred weddings I have not shot a day that went perfectly, but it felt like it was for couples who remembered what the day was really about.

5. HIre Professionals with Rainy Day Wedding Experience

When looking for your wedding pros, especially your photographer/videographer and wedding planner, ask how they would handle a rainy day based on your venue. Rainy wedding days are not equal. A rainy beach wedding is much different than one at a ballroom. Even if it doesn’t rain know that your vendor is prepared can give you comfort in your decision.

6. Be Creative

For this wedding, we went to the local bar to keep safe from raindrops

Whether it is finding a fun hip location for unique group shots or personal first date local for couples photos can be great on a rainy wedding day. Make sure you get permission from the location before the wedding day. These locations add to the story and provide some security.

Rainy Wedding Day Photos

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