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Top 5 Spring Connecticut Wedding and Engagement Locations That Are Swoon Worthy

Spring Connecticut wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown CT

I get asked many questions about shooting weddings, but I think the one question I get asked the most is “Where is your favorite placed to shoot?”. Since Spring starts in 5 days I thought I would share my favorite places to shoot for a Spring Connecticut wedding or engagement session.

What Makes a Place a Good Spring Connecticut Wedding Location

  • Flowers- I know that is an obvious choice but not all floral backdrops are the same. Hubbard Park has a ton of flowers but daffodils are not my favorite to shoot.
  • A Big Field- Too many trees aren’t the best for my stle of shooting
  • Places with Cover- It rains alot in April so you need a place hide while you wait out the drizzle

Top 5 Spring Connecticut Wedding and Engagement Locations

1. The Mansion at Bald Hill

Taken at the Mansion at Bald Hill in 2018

I actually have a couple of weddings here this year (one is in the Spring) and I am so excited because I love this location… There are flowers in the outdoor ceremony space even though it is not my favorite part of the venue… I love the open field to the right of the parking lot and the entryway to the reception space for photos if it rains.

2. Wadsworth Mansion

I love shooting here because of the variety without having to take long walks, which makes for a perfect Spring Connecticut wedding. You have the pillars in the front to give that architectural feel that I love next to the pink hydrangea bushes. The back of the mansion has a stunning open with the white hydrangea bushes in the back with a rose garden to the left of you on the way.

3. Harkness Memorial State Park

If you know a professional photographer in Connecticut they have definitely shot here, or will at some point. There is a reason though. This location has a little bit of everything. There are fields, pretty architecture, a beach for pretty sunset photos, and a sunken flower garden. The only con is that it is such a popular location you have to work around other sessions.

Here are a couple of engagement shoots that I love from there

4. Topsmead State Forest

This is another popular spot and as the last location it can look like New York Fashion Week sometimes, but it is a stellar spot. Now I don’t know if you can have a Spring Connecticut wedding here you can definitely do your engagement session here. This place checks all of my Spring boxes… The light can be tricky here but when it’s right it’s the perfect Connecticut Spring location.

5. Waveny Park

This place is probably my favorite place to shoot an engagement session in all of CT. I have yet to shoot a Spring Connecticut wedding at the Waveny House but I would love to ;). If you could combine a New England College with a stunning park you would get Waveny Park. Now this place is on the bigger side so you want to make sure you have comfortable shoes. Even though this is my favorite shooting location the drive is not my fave (the Starbucks with a drive-thru being on the direct route helps).

Spring Connecticut Wedding and Engagement Locations Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Park

I know I know you are thinking how did this not make your list… Yes, this may be the mecca for flowers but it’s not a fave. Now, will I shoot there? Happily, but it is not a top location. The flowers are in a very high traffic area making it frustrating at times.

Are there other Spring Connecticut wedding and engagement locations that you love that I didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments below.

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