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Connecticut Engagement Session | Harkness Memorial State Park | Hiram and Maggie

Hiram and Maggie’s Connecticut engagement session at Harkness Memorial State Park was one for the books. I know that some of you who follow the blog are thinking “weren’t you just there”, and yes I was. In fact, I did their phone consultation on the way home from that session. Now don’t worry I wasn’t driving. I was parked at the gas station down the street, and when I drove to their session I smiled when I drove past it.

Unlike the other session, the park was packed this time. Not just with the expected photo sessions but also beachgoers and partiers… But as you will see in the photos I was able to make it look like it was just the two of them.

Hiram asked Maggie to marry him at the Mystic Aquarium a scuba diver and their family. I have seen the photos on Facebook and you can tell that it was perfectly them. I would have to say the same for their engagement session.

When I say that they were one of the easiest couples to shoot I am not even exaggerating. They were so chill, and I don’t know if my calming presence had to do with but I feel like their session flew by. The best thing an engagement session does is it allows me to get to know the couple more than an email or phone call ever could. This often makes the wedding day more like being reunited with a friend than, which provides better-relaxed photos in my opinion.

We started in the sunken gardens behind Eolia Mansion which had beautiful blooms of lavender, which looked beautiful with Maggie’s blue dress. We then moved on to the side of the mansion that was adorned with vines and a water fountain. Some of these photos were my absolute favorite because this was around the time they became more comfortable in front of the camera.

Then we took a few steps over to the famous pergola that I am pretty sure is featured in every photo session at Harkness. (I did not go to the Japanese maple this time though). After some more photos in that area, we headed to my personal favorite location. I am not gonna say where because I need some secrets.

After my favorite spot, they changed into their casual outfit while I took macro shots of Maggie’s ring. It was a family heirloom so I made sure I took good care of it.. My favorite lens on the other hand is another story (don’t worry It’s safely in my camera bag).

We then headed to the beach for the rest of the session just in time for the sunset. I was able to get a beautiful silhouette photo of the two of them in front of the sun. At this time they were so comfortable they were able to pull off a lift and a dip with ease.

Enough of me gabbing here are the pictures

Connecticut Engagement Session Photos

Connecticut engagement session at Harkness state park
Connecticut engagement session at Harkness state park

I can not wait until their spring wedding at the Mansion at Bald Hill in 2022. If their engagement session is any indicator it is going to be a beautiful day.

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