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3 Reasons You Should Book Professional Bridal Beauty Teams

Professional Bridal Beauty Provided By: Endlyss Beauty (hair) Transcendent Makeup (makeup)

When I was making the seasonal wedding photography guides I kept bringing up how important it is to hire a professional bridal beauty team, so I thought that I would make a blog post dedicated to just that. Not only will I try to convince you to spend a little more than you normally on getting dolled up, but I will also give you suggestions on what to look for.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Beauty Team

1. Knowledge is power

When you hire a professional team you are hiring someone who is professionally trained in the application, health practices, and relevant looks. When you hire a professional who focuses on bridal makeup they are aware you want to look like yourself but know what you need to look good for your photos. They know how much hairspray and how many bobby pins you will need to dance the night away.

2. Timing is everything

The reason I mentioned a professional bridal beauty “team” is that when you hire separate teams or artists is because the timing can get off when you have people who don’t normally work together. When you hire a beauty team they have a point person to make sure things run smoothly… The hair and makeup are scheduled together, and when you have a team that your photographer suggests it is probably because they have good timing and work well with others

3. They have you covered (not just with makeup or hairspray)

A professional bridal beauty team will have all of the things that you need to help you feel a little easier. They will be insured, provide a contract, do a trial, and have the certifications to keep you safe. It is more than having a cool chair and expensive makeup or flat iron.

What to Look For in A Professional Bridal Beauty Team

engagement photo taken by GEM Photography and professional bridal beauty services provided by Transcendant Makeup
Hair and Makeup by Transcendent Makeup
  • Certifications- Especially health ones
  • Diverse Applications- Ages, head shape, tones, skin types
  • Booking Process
  • Service Minimum- Most professionals will do a minimum of people or will charge you the minimum even if its just you.
  • Reviews- Now be advised beauty is very subjective and personal (I mean wedding days are) so look at the reviews collectivly not seperatly

Questions You Might Want to Ask a Professional Beauty Team

  1. What is included in your servies?
  2. How far in advance should I book?
  3. Do you have a service minimum?
  4. What happens if I have a bridesmaid drop out?
  5. What if someone adds themself day of? (it happens)
  6. How many artists will be coming?
  7. Have you worked with my photographer before? (I have worked with Transcendant Makeup alot and work very well with them)
  8. Do you provide on-site services?
  9. What are your travel fees?
  10. What are your extra fees?
  11. Do you provide grooming services? Guys deserve it too
  12. “Do your makeup closest to natural light”- Yen Torres of Transcendant Makeup

Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Professional Bridal Beauty Team

  • Know the pricing and have the payment set aside before the wedding…
  • Pay for your bridal party- This can be part of their gift. It helps reach your minimum too
  • Use individual false lashes nt strips if you want a more natural look
  • Have a phone buddy- Nothing is a time killer like someone who is answering their phone the whole time…
  • Have realistic expectations- If you see a hair and makeup look you love on Pinterest or the red carpet, please remember that they are sometimes in the chair for 2 hours, may be wearing extensions, have a different skin type, and have different facial features… Inspiration is one thing and copying is another
  • Add buffer time

Whatever you do make sure you do research because you deserve to look your best on one of the biggest days of your life

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