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My Top 5 Places To Eat In Animal Kingdom

My favorite park for food is definitely this one. Picking my top 5 places to eat in Animal Kingdom was the easiest for me. Even though Epot had great options I feel the food in Animal Kingdom tastes the best. Animal Kingdom does have the normal Disney options, but this park’s food is next level for me. A lot of the food is “adventurous” but not too spicy. There are pizza places for those of you who love pizza. But as a child of northeast America, I can bring myself to eat theme park pizza.

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts based on my experiences and taste preferences

My Top 5 Places to Eat in Animal Kingdom

1. Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery (Quick Service)

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I always start my day at the Joffrey’s stand right outside of Animal Kindom. This place is where I go for either my second iced drink. It has a pistachio and honey croissant, which is an OTP for me, during breakfast. During the rest of the day, it has some tasty unique flatbreads (not pizza) that are great for lunch.

2. Zuri’s Sweet Shop (Bakery)

The name says it all… This is where you get the yummy sweet treats Disney is known for in Animal Kingdom. It has the typical rice crispy treats and candied apples shaped like Mickey’s head. It has my favorite bakery treat aka fudge. It also has a treat called a zebra tail, which is a white chocolate-dipped marshmallow with caramel inside. I personally love the Smores rice crispy treat.

3. Satu’li Canteen (Quick Service)

Located in land of Pandora right when you get off of Avatar’s Flight of Passage is this gem. They are not for the picky eaters. Satu’li offers bowls with very fun dining options. The bowls are customizable and truely one of my favorite lunches at Walt Disney Word. It is also has cheeseburger pods, which is like McDonalds and and your local chinese restaurant had a baby. They were not my fave but I can see why people like them.

4. Flame Tree Barbeque

Now if you have read any other blogs that discuss their top places to eat in Animal Kingdom Flame Tree Barbeque is usually on it. My parents are what I like to call BBQ snobs, and this is one of their faves. I love pulled pork and their’s is top on my list.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a lighter lunch on a hot Animal Kingdom. Order the kids version on the pulled pork.. It is filling and gives you that BBQ fix at the same time.

The seating is all out side, but it is covered and has ceiling fans. It’s not AC level but it is a nice way to eat while trying to stay somewhat chill. Plus you can get a great view of the water. If you are a meat lover this place needs to be top on your list.

5. Yak and Yeti (Table Service)

Yak and Yeti on of the my top 5 places to eat in Animal Kingdom

This verrrryyyy popular table service resteraunt is popular for a reason. In fact finding reservations is insanely hard. It is some of the best tasing food on property and I will go back every chance I get. This pan-Asian resteraunt has food and drinks perfect for foodies who don’t want something typical in Disney. I dream about the miso salmon at least once a month.

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