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Rustic Nuzzo’s Farm Spring Wedding | The Kelleys | Spring 2023

A couple walking down the aisle at their nuzzo's farm spring wedding

Chris and Sarah’s Nuzzo’s farm spring wedding was not just two people coming together but four. The day was not just about them but their two children Adrianna and Benjamin. Their small wedding was filled with love and the perfect size for their perfect day. From the stunning weather to the tasty sliders, it truly was a day I’ll never forget.

The day started with some very chill getting-ready photos. I’m so used to the chaos of bridesmaids, mothers, groomsmen, dads, and other people that getting ready photos with 6 people total was a quiet experience. There was Beyonce in the background with the ladies. I started with details including a special ring that Sarah got to wear on her special day. After that, I headed over to the barn from the bridal suite to get Chris and Ben get dapper.

Ben loved looking at the camera and saying “Cheese”, which is super cute but got in the way of my candid fly-on-the-wall approach. But I will take a smiley happy child any day. When you see the photos you will see why.

After getting ready photos with the ladies we moved on to the first look which went right into some sunny couple’s photos. This was very welcomed because the forecast was rainy for a big chunk of the week leading up to the day. Then we did some family photos, which allowed them to spend most of their cocktail hour with their guests.

The ceremony was uniquely them, with Chris and Sarah walking down the aisle with each other. The sweet ceremony was complete with the ringing of the bell by Ben, who was so excited to carry out that job. More so than keeping the rings, which he handled better than I have seen some grown-ups.

The reception was started by the couple being introduced with drinks in their hands ready to party. After Sarah’s touching dance with her dad, Adrianna gave one of the best maid-of-honor speeches of 2023. Ben did not give a speech.

Before I left, they cut the cake and shared their first dance as husband and wife. I am sure after I left that the dancing, laughing, and the chill atmosphere went into the night. I am glad that I was able to photograph what I did because it truly captured their day.

Nuzzo’s Farm Spring Wedding Photos

Thank you again to the Kelleys for letting me be a part of your special day. I look forward to seeing what happens with your beautiful family for years to come.

Til Next Time Raina

Nuzzo’s Farm Spring Wedding Vendors

Venue: Nuzzo’s Farm

Officiant: Ellen Lyn Connery

Hair: The Loft on Elm Danielle

Makeup: Candice Bertiloni

Catering: Seaside Sliders

DJ: EXLR8 Music

Stationary: Minted

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Flowers: Branford Flowers

Suits: Studio Suits

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